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  • Beeswax Ball Candle

    Our hand poured Beeswax Carved Ball Candle is an enchanting addition to any room. Beautifully irregular lights and shadows may appear to play on your ceiling when you light up this funky fireball. To get the most out of your … Read More

  • Beeswax Beehive Candle

    Our hand poured Beeswax Beehive Candles are cute and functional.. Whether you choose to keep them forever or burn them right away, they are made to bring a little light into your day. To get the most out of your … Read More

  • Beeswax Candle in Glass Tumbler

    Our hand poured Beeswax Tumbler Candles are ready to warm any room with their soft light. These ready-to-use staples can burn for over 25 hours total. To get the most out of your candle, we suggest burn sessions of 2-3 … Read More

  • Beeswax Decorated Tree Candle (Large)

    Our hand poured Beeswax Decorated Tree Candle is ready for winter and your mantle. It’s quirky shape, texture and decorative details make for unique burns. These specialty candles can tend to drip a little, but to avoid bigger wax spills … Read More

  • Beeswax Holiday Heart Ornament

    Enjoy the aroma of beeswax throughout the season with our Holiday Heart Ornament. Ribbon for decoration and loop for easy use included.

  • Beeswax Lace Egg Candle

    Our hand poured Beeswax Lace Egg Candles are a year-round celebration of spring. Intricate patterns on the outer shell are illuminated from within as your candle burns, counting down the evenings until summer. To get the most out of your … Read More

  • Beeswax Mini Tree Candle

    Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with our Beeswax Tree Candles. Perfect to keep as a seasonal ornament or to burn anytime you please. Get one as a gift to give or order a whole forest for yourself! … Read More

  • Beeswax Owl Candle

    Our hand poured Beeswax Little Owl Candle adds whimsy to your candle collection or favourite trinket shelf. While these little cuties are almost too adorable to burn, we have designed them to both provide delight and and brighten your day. … Read More

  • Beeswax Rose Blossom Candle

    The flowers may always be growing outdoors yet, but we’ve created these little blossoms to get an early start on the season. Watch as the flame’s light filters through it’s many petals. Whether you intend to keep them or burn … Read More

  • Beeswax Rose Pillar Candle

    Our hand poured Beeswax Rose Pillar Candle will bring back feelings of summer year round. Sit back and watch as elegant little rosettes light up your evening while emanating the soft natural beeswax aroma of thousands of flowers. To get … Read More

  • Beeswax Rosebud Candle

    Our hand poured Beeswax Rosebud Candle is the perfect way to add some summer to your day. This petite wonder is both beautiful and functional, perfect for self-indulgent evenings or special dinners. To get the most out of your candle, … Read More

  • Beeswax Small Egg Candle with Pattern

    Our hand poured Beeswax Small Egg Candles may be petite, but they can still burn bright on cool spring evenings. A delicate ring of lace encircles the light leaving a fiery little crown on the shell. To get the most … Read More